Every year around Thanksgiving Ann runs her annual clinic at her farm…..and every year I look forward to this clinic. Ann is a “perfectionist in the saddle”  and Hoffy is a “perfectionist in the barn”.  I feel like every time I get a chance to ride with Ann it gives me an understanding of the “mindset” you need to be a top level rider.  Even with the simplest of exercises she wants it done well.  I know from performing, that if you don’t push in your training and rehearsals to  “get it right” each and every day with each and every element of the ride…you aren’t going to “get it right” when you having to ride into an arena to perform with a cheering crowd and commercial sound and lights.  It is always a reminder to me when I come home from Ann’s that it is not the “big things” , but it is paying attention to “all the little things”, that gives us the mental, physical and emotional endurance needed to “get it done when it really matters”  It is always a priveledge and a great learning experience to ride with Ann.  Thank You Ann again for a great clinic!  Lizzy