Loving Valido

In April of this year I was offered "Valido" He was pretty grumpy when he arrived. He had been showing the jumpers at the Thermal circuit prior to his arrival. When he first arrived, when you would point him at [...]

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Arrival of Valido at Carousel Farm

It was so amazing watching all of the great riders in Florida and at the World Games. I love the jumper competitions. The horses are amazing atheletes and the riders are great technicians. I hope to one day be a [...]

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LaSanta arrives at Carousel Farm

While we were at Equine Extravaganza.....LaSanta arrived from British Columbia, Vancouver.  Thank you to Lisa for meeting the horse van and getting him settled into his new home!  I couldn't wait to get home to welcome to our farm!  Lizzy

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Sale of “Matinee Scho

It was really tough, but I sold "Mattee" to a client of Elizabeth Solters.  Mattee is Rosies full brother.  I trained "Mattee" to ride and jump bridleless.  He is a really good jumper (classical hunter style).  My mom showed him [...]

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Fancy the Pony

We have this pny named fancey that my mom rode as a kid. she is 35 YEARS OLD and still a little stinker. Yesturday when i was turning horses out she got out of her stall and was torturing all [...]

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Yes "Huh" is a horse. He is a two year old that I am hoping to show in the internatinal hunter futurity the next three years. He also came from Broadhill Run Farm and was sired by Hennessey. Our farm [...]

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I really want to ride in the big equitation classes one day, but horses for these classes are really expensive...and my mom says it is all about the journey. She found a three year old at BroadHill Run farm by [...]

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For the last few decades Carousel Farm has many young horses. In the over twenty five years of breaking horses, my parents had only one young horse that seemed to continually fall through the cracks. The farm delegated his training [...]

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