Arc De Triumph to Partner with / and sponsor Taiji Horsemanship

I am very happy to announce a partnership between Arc De Triumph and Taiji horsemanship.  I think one of the most important things in riding is balance. If you aren’t balanced, it will affect how your horse goes.  You may be having challenges that could be eliminated simply by the rider becoming balanced.  Having a good saddle is very important …

Taiji Shop to carry Le Mundial Custom Boots!

I am so excited about “these boots”.  Having good equipment…..a good saddle, boots that fit well and the “right equipment”  goes a long ways!  Le Mundial makes amazing custom boots.  They fit like a glove, they are beautiful and they are affordable ……$599.  My mom and I now measure for Le Mundial and offer the full line of Le Mundial …

Cosequin Sponsorship is official! Thank You Nutramax Labs!

For years, my family has used Cosequin.  Cosequin is now an offical sponsor of my top exhibition and performance horses. I do everything I can to help to keep my horses “sound, healthy, happy and fit”.  Jumping is tough on horses, particularly their joints.  I love “Cosequin” , because it gives the joints a “little help” in staying healthy without …

Triple Crown Sponsorship is official! Thank You Triple Crown!

Thank you Triple Crown…Triple Crown is one of the best feeds currently available of the market. I am so excited that Toby, Puddles, La Santa and Valido will be sponsored by Triple Crown. Thank You Triple Crown for a great product and for your sponsorship! We look forward to working togehter on some projects in the future! Lizzy

Thank You to Davis Products!

I came home one day to a big box that had arrived in the mail.  In it was the most colorful collection of boots and bell boots and head bumper guards, that I have ever seen.  It was from my friends at Davis.  That was so sweet!.  The boots are really, really fun and very practical as well.  I will …

Thank You to Leather Therapy & Quintiscentials

While at teaching at Equine Extravaganza I met the owners of both Leather Theraphy and Quintiscentials.  They both make great products.  We use leather theraphy to wash all of our fleece saddle pads and quintiscentials make wonderful riding pants for schooling.  Thank you to both companies for your support of Taiji Horsmenahsip.  Lizzy

Thank You to Ray Walker of Ray Walker Matts

We spent almost three weeks with pre-event preparation and participation during the actual event at the World Equestrian Games.  The stalls at the Kentucky horse park are macadam.  Our stalls at home are have dirt floors.  Ray Walker brought in mats for Tommie Turveys stalls and matted mine as well.  It was tough on the horses standing on macadam and …

Kistler Sponsorship

Kistler builds really wonderful barns.  We met the guys from Kistler at the Sussex Horse show.  They sponsor the Grand Prix at Sussex.  Thank to Kistler for sponsoring the kids activity book for the World Equestrian Games.  Lizzy

Thank You to Horse Sweats

Thank for the sweatshirt you gave my pony Toby. He said to tell you that it’s very comfortable.