Every year in Centre Hall, there is Centre County Grange Fair. They set up rows and rows of tents and rows and rows of RV’s. It is quite a site to see. It is the largest and oldest encampment fair in the country. We have not been in town for the fair the last few years, but just happened to be home this year. They have a horse show on Tuesday of the fair for residents of the area. It is free to residents of Centre County and less than 3 miles from our house. I talked my mom into letting me take a few of the young horses to the fair. We had a blast. I took Missy, Silver, Mattee and Toby. All three are five and six years old. This was the second show of the year for all three, because we have been on the road so much with performing. They were awesome. My dad rode Mattee. Mattee won the two under saddle classes and hunter over fences. Silver was second in both of her two over fences classes. Missy won the Hunter hack class and Equitation class. I showed Toby without a bridle and he was awesome. We took him along, just because he wanted to go. I dressed Toby up for the costume class. He is into anything that gets him attention and peppermint and that does not require much work. We shipped in to the fair on Monday. Stayed in our camper and showed on Tuesday. It was a really fun show, because there is such a variety of horses and it is very low key. We had a great time. Thank you to the Weaver and Yoder family for all the effort you put forth to make the Centre County Grange Fair residence show possible. Hope to see you next year!