We spent last weekend at the first horse show of the year. My mom is starting to let me ride more of the HORSES, as well as the ponies! All and all it went really well. The highlight of the weekend is that Rosie and I won the classic and I was awarded high point rider. The low point of the weekend is that I had a cold that resulted in me waking up Sunday morning with a fever. They took my temperature with a digital thermometer that read 101. Well I was sure it was wrong, but a retake with an old fashioned thermometer read 103. Needless to say my mom would not let me show on Sunday. They propped me up in front of a movie, but by 11 AM, I was back at the horse show helping out. My parents still wouldn’t let me ride, but I was able to watch the babies go. Needless to say my cold was an ear infection that kept me out of school for two days. I am better now. The show went well. The horses all went well. My two green ponies, Silver and CiCi jumped around in a great rythm. We are going to start working on lead changes. I showed Rosie for the first time over 3′. Our goal is to keep her happy and relaxed. We are pleased with the progress of her reschooling. She won a cooler in the big open hunter classic class, that was pretty neat

I showed Jacquoe for the first time in the special hunters. He is a very athletic horse. It went well, but it is a lot a work to keep him round. My mom showed my dads horse, DeLeonardo, because he has a little spook and needs a really solid ride to the fences. He does not do well with a lot of horses schooling around him, so schooling was eventful, but my mom hung tough and won classes on him on both Saturday and Sunday. She was champion in the special hunters. My dad had a really good horse show. He showed his green horse Andante in the adult amatuers hunters. This was a big deal, because my dad hasn’t show in years. Addy won some low ribbons, but she is a little sloppy over lower fences. She is really scopey and will be a star at 3’6″. My dad did a really good job riding his horse Shco Gun. Gunner has a poor work ethic, but my dad did a great job keeping him in front of his leg. One of the highlights of the show was my dad on Accapello (Missy). Missy is a fancy little chestnut filly, that we bred. She is actually my horse, but this was her first horseshow with us. We weren’t sure how she would do, but she was awesome. She has a really big stride, went right to the jumps and has an auto change. She was amazing. I am going to start riding her this weekend. I can’t wait! The last big news of the weekend was our client Danielle Grannas. Her horse is at our farm. She had lost her confidence to ride, but she actually showed this weekend and did great. It was wonderful to see her back in the saddle and get better and better every class! It was a long weekend. We all worked hard and were pretty tired on Monday, but I am ready to go again. I had a really good time!