Our farm went to Jodons Horse Show. The farm had a great show. My dad was champion on two of his mounts and reserve champion on his third mount. Two farm clients, Jillian Woolridge and Danielle Rush, competed that day as well. They were both reserve champion in their divisions. I showed Rosie, CiCi and Silver. I had an amazing horse show two weeks prior, but I didn’t do so well at this show. My mom figured, since all my horses and I rode so well at the last horse show, that I could handle my own prep, so she worked really hard prepping my dad’s horses and Danielle and Jillian’s horse. It is tough at a horse show, when we have a bunch of horses all showing at the same time to be there for everyone. I thought I could handle my prep, as well. I was totally happy that the farm did so well! But I personally learned, that I still need my mom. Sometimes I think I know exactly what I need to do, but I made a few decisions, that with my mom’s assistance I would have done differently, that led to some difficulties. Jodons is a small ring with deep footing and a spooky surroundings. I rode a few lines too quiet, missed some lead changes on the ends and had some problems with my green ponies spooking. I am very proud of my riding, but my mom still has some great input, as to how to best ride some of these courses. There are some simple things I could have done to round out the problems. My animals are no worse for wear, but I definitely made some rider errors that resulted in my animals not be shown to their fullest potential. I like knowing my animals were given the best ride possible! Thank You mom for helping me!