To Tommie………

Tommie…It is so cool getting to do things with you and your horses. I want to be a great horseman like you. I come home from every expo excited about trying new things with my animals. you have made me a better trainer and rider. I love Ace, Poker Joe and Joker, they teach me so much! When I am in a demo or training session, I never know what you will think of next, but this is what makes it so much fun! You have added so much color to my life My mom and I worked really hard on this video! Hope you like it! Thank you! Lizzy (grasshopper)

Tommie…..this one is for you……….

I frequently get asked what it is like traveling to expos and riding with Tommie. Tommie is an amazing trainer. He is funny. He is kind. He is very patient with me. His horses are incredible. I love his horses. They are really friendly and like people. All his horses have different personalities. Ace likes to snuggle. Joker likes to play. Blade likes to act like “Big Man on Campus” ….And Poker Joe has an attitude that “He is just better than everyone else”.

It is really cool traveling with the Equine Extremist Team. They are all helpful. Jamie is one of my biggest fans always taking control of things, when I am struggling in a rehearsal. And Karen makes sure all the little details aren’t overlooked. I have learned so much. It has made me a better trainer, performer and rider. They are like a second family to me.

As for what we do at the expos…….well ……the days are long and non-stop. We work really, really, really hard, but its all good! I really enjoy doing demos with Tommie. I never really know what we are going to do next, but I have a great time.

My mom and I put together a video journal on a day at an expo. We included clips from the MD, PA and CANAM expos.
The Equine Extremist Team is just the best!

Hope you enjoy!

See you again soon!