I just returned from a week at the Sussex horse show.  At the beginning of the week I showed Hercules in the baby greens.  He is only three.  The classes were pretty big and he ribboned.  That was pretty cool!  The end of the week and the weekend I did perfomances throughout the day and for the evening presentations.  One  night we hit the midway and  tried every food on the midday known to man….the worst part… we ate all of these things in the same night…..fried oreos….corn dogs….cotton candy…..funnel cakes….boardwalk fries…..root beer float…..apple dumplings…..My friends couldn’t beleive I had never tried many of these summer delights.  Hard to believe we didn’t get sick…..we did share the portions, but we consumed a lot of food.  My friends give me a hard time because I eat really well…..my mom loves bread, potatoes and diet coke…I am fruit, veggies and water.  If I am going to ride in the Olympics I have to eat right.  Because I usually have fruit and yogurt in tow, my friends really enjoyed our night of excess!  Oh well …once in a while you have to try new things….I have to admit the fried oreos were pretty darn good!  Lizzy