Hi, My name is Lizzy. I turned 11 years old in January. I live at Carousel Farm in Pennsylvania with my parents. I love to ride. Sometimes I perform with Tommie Turvey and his Night of Amazing Horses, sometimes we do demonstrations together at expos and sometimes I show hunters at local and rated shows. When at home I like to see what I can do with my animals. I do all kinds of things with my horses like tricks, vaulting, roman riding and driving, but my most favorite thing to do is to ride bridleless. We let the horses ride bridleless at the end of a training session as a reward.

Everyone in my family works to train and take care of our animals. I do the evening feeding. Most of my animals are young and were trained here at our farm.

Yes, if you look closely at my pictures I was born with one hand, but it does not slow me down. This is all I know. I think we all face challenges. My mom says where there is a will there is a way!

Sometimes at the expos I teach clinics on different topics like starting the young rider or jumping gymnastics. I really enjoy teaching as well as riding, training and caring for my animals.

There are so many things I want to do….like show one of my ponies at USEF pony finals, ride in the Paraolympics, ride in the Medal McClay and one day ride some jumpers.

But anything that gives me an excuse to play with my horses is good for me!

I have had some wonderful adventures with my horses. I hope to use my blog to posts some stories about our adventures!

Hope you enjoy!