Heather Halderman

Our afternoon with Lizzy Traband.....My daughters are nervous to meet her. Lizzy was featured in American Girl magazine, and it feels like we're meeting a celebrity. Once they meet her, there's nothing to worry about. She's offering treats and friendship [...]

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Elizabeth Solter, Amberly Farm

Lizzy has always had a maturity beyond her years. She is a quick learner...able to take many different instructions at once. She can accomplish a good deal more than an average student in a given session since she can take [...]

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Tommie Turvey

Her skills are well beyond her years. She learns by listening. She learns by watching. She odesn't have to ask a whole lot of questions. If you just kind of sit back and watch, there is a way to do [...]

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Louise Serio

Not only is she a great kid who rides well, but she also sits at the ring all day and watches and then she sets jumps. She is right there with you. She wants every bit of information that you [...]

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