Feb – March 17

I’ve continued to show some in the jumpers and hunters but my main focus now is on Dressage and the Para-olympics to try to make it to the world games in France. Para-Dressage is the only equine sport offered so I’m going to try my best to make the para-team. I’ve got two incredible people helping me, Wes Dunham and Helene Bergstrom from Sweden. Helene is letting me ride her horse Ucari and coaching me almost every day. I am learning so much from her and from Ucari. George Morris once commented in a clinic that Dressage was helpful in improving anyone’s riding skills. I really feel that the skills I’m learning are doing just that for all my riding. Helene is such a good instructor and she believes in me. The combination of
those two things only makes me more determined to do well. Wes is so supportive as well and has helped me and my mom navigate our way through through all the paper work. The other incredible person helping me is my mom. She’s phenomenal with a computer and has put together a wonderful music program to go with my dressage moves. I’m hoping for the best but I already feel like a success because of all I’ve learned and because of the wonderful people I’ve met.