Being at the 2010 World Equestrian Games was amazing.  The horses were incredible and the riders were so talented!  I performed twice a day, but every spare minute I went to see events or schoolig.  The events were all ticketed, but many did not sell out.  If you were a had credentials to participateat the games they  allowed you to go to any event.  If I wasn’t performing I was checking out what ever event was going on.  I saw every phase of the show jumping.  This was my favorite.  The jumps were absolutely beautiful.  Every night …the jumps got bigger.  It was a very big flowing forward course.  We all picked our favorite horse on the first night.  I couldn’t believe it, the horse my mom picked was clean going into one of the last rounds of the competition.  When the riders switched mounts, her horse had a rail.  She said she picked him the first night, because he made it look so easy.  I was suprised at the variety of horses in the competitions.  I watched a lot of daily schooling as well, trying to visualize what the perfect jumper should look like, how they should be built.  There were big horses, small horses, light horses and heavy horses.  It was difficult to “identify”  a standard, because every one was pretty different….short legs, long legs, waspy and very muscular.  It was such a cool thing being at the games!  I hope one day that I am a competitor in the games!  Dream Big!  Why not…..after all Toby was a world games special edition Breyer model…..who would ever ever guessed this would be possible !  He is living proof, that anything is possible!   Lizzy