Unfortunately Taiji horsemanship has outgrown our family home. It is getting more difficult to pack, because we have props stored in the Garage. We have booth stuff stored in the back of our basement. We have product stored in the cedar closet off of our guest bedroom. With the cold winters, standing in the indoor for hours on end is taking a toll on my mom. We decided it is time for some CONSTRUCTION at the farm. Both my mom and dad are really handy. They did much of the construction on our farm. I was just born, so don’t remember. We decided it was time for a few improvements at the farm……a room attached to the indoor for winter, a small enclosed warehouse space for Taiji Horsemanship with a small attached office. An enclosed tool room for dad and a sawdust storage shed!

We found a manufactured home company going out of business……warehouse after warehouse of building supplies…..6 auctioneers. They were practically giving stuff away. You would not believe what we were able to buy for $800. My parents estimate that we purchased $22,000 of supplies for $800. We bought all the windows, trim, flooring, doors, heaters, gas fireplace, stone surround and floor tile for our construction projects for $800. It was amazing. It was an unbelievable auction. They did have nearly enough buyers for all that they had for sale. It was crazy! I can’t wait! We are going to be doing our little building project this fall right after WEG. Lizzy