Hoosier Horse Fair

April 13-15, 2012 On the road again! My little troop of ponies and horses just finished a weekend at the Hoosier's Horse fair.It's quite a large complex of show grounds there. They are completely rebuilding their arena so the expo [...]

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Equine Extravaganza

Thank you Vicki and Racheal for another great year at Equine Extravaganza.  I taught 2-3 sessions a day on everything from bonding and tricks to bridleless riding.  It was standing room only at pretty much every session I taught....I've have [...]

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AETA Convention

We had another productive trip to the AETA convention.  I was able to meet with several sponsors and vendors that we will be doing business with.  I am always looking for sources of difficult to find training equipment or high [...]

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Devon Horse Show

We decided to head to Devon for a few days to visit with some friends that were showing. My mom was able to spend a little time with her best friends and I was able to visit with everyone from [...]

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Mid West Horse Fair

The Mid West Horse Fair was awesome. I was told that there was over 50,000 in attendance. We had an interesting assortment weather while in Wisconsin. It was 50 degrees the day we arrived. This was followed by a day [...]

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