Taiji Camp

July 22 - 28 What a great group of girls came to camp. They were like a group of sponges wanting to learn everything they could to improve their riding skills and learn new things, like trick training, as well.Some [...]

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Taiji Horsemanship Camp

We held the second annual Taiji Horsemanship camp. It was well attended and everyone seemed to have a great time. Thank you again to everyone that helped out...my mom, my mom-mom, Debbie, Jilly, Lisa and Kaite. Thank you also to [...]

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The Trampoline

I am sort of a fitness nut. I like my horses fit and I like to be fit. I run and bike....but the other thing I like to do is bounce on the trampoline. In the summer, I recruit whoever [...]

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Tommie Turvey Clinic

Tommie came to Carousel Farm to do a clinic. The clinic was completely filled. Tommie showed everyone how to teach your horse to bow and laydown. We also set up an obstacle / sensory course. He taught a variety of [...]

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