George Morris Clinic

Oct 10-12 I love riding in a George Morris clinic. I always come away feeling as though he's helped me take my riding to a higher level. He's absolutely one of the best in this sport.

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Instruction with Wes Dunham

Thank you so much Wes for all your help and guidance and time in turning me into a dressage rider. You are so knowledgeable about the sport and the para-olympics. I feel I am really progressing in my efforts because [...]

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George Morris Clinic

Nov 8-10 This was my first chance to participate in a George Morris clinic. It was everything I'd hoped it would be. He's so good at what he does. I learned so much from him. Thank you USEF for the [...]

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Training in Maryland

Sept 25-28, 2013 Time spent at Amberley Farm is always time well spent. Elizabeth, you always help me improve my riding. More than that, it's always fun when our families get together. Thanks for all your help.

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WEF – Dressage with Helene

Feb - March 17 I've continued to show some in the jumpers and hunters but my main focus now is on Dressage and the Para-olympics to try to make it to the world games in France. Para-Dressage is the only [...]

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florida with karl

nov 25-27 Thank you Karl for finding Whiskey Rocs for me. She's so atheletic and has so much heart! Can't wait to compete on her in Florida at WEF!

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Training with Louise

May 3-5, 2012 I took a few of my horses to Louise's farm to take some lesson's with her and to let her see some of the babies I'm working with. She really liked Huh. I really do too. I [...]

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Karen Healey Clinic

Just returned from a clinic with Karen Healey.  It is obvious to me that Karen love what she does.  She put a lot of effort into working with everyone at the clinic.  She really challenged us and really put forth [...]

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Anne Kursinski Clinic

Every year around Thanksgiving Ann runs her annual clinic at her farm.....and every year I look forward to this clinic. Ann is a "perfectionist in the saddle"  and Hoffy is a "perfectionist in the barn".  I feel like every time [...]

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Derbydown Training

Louise Serio is one of the best hunter riders I have ever seen. She makes it look "so easy" I had the opportunity to train with her in Wellington this past winter. She is such an incredible rider and is [...]

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