Mom and I went to Cook’s Forest to film Tommie in the little colt breaking challenge that they had. Josh Lyons, Tommie and Richie Winfield participated. They all did a really good job. Tommie and Josh had harder animals than Ritchie. Josh spent a lot of extra time to work through his colt’s issues. Tommie went for broke and chose to sack his colt out as soon as he had the opportunity. Most people aren’t as athletic as Tommie and would not be successful in this approach, but Tommie is very strong, balanced and has great intuition around horses, so he has the talent to do this. I would like to compete in a colt challenge sometime. I break and train my own animals (with my mom’s help) I am breaking Vinny right now…….I am ready, willing and interested for anyone who is willing to let a kid compete!……..I learned a lot watching the guys work there colts. We went swimming, tubing and canoeing, while at Cook’s Forest, as well. Thank you to Ray Smith and family for their hospitality.