The July Night of Amazing Horses was challenging for me. I am taking three acts to Breyerfest…….two of them brand new. I put together a new act on Puddles and Rosie. We reworked both acts a lot while in Chicago. We did not do a formal rehearsal for the July 4th show. I had to make some additional adjustments after actually doing the acts in front of a crowd, but it was a great time to get some of the kinks worked out before Breyerfest. The horses can react very differently with an audience, bright lights and loud music. Puddles is always super quiet. I found out that he lights up in front of a full audience, so I will have to prep him a little more for future performances. Rosie does not like jumping towards the audience. We modified her routine slightly and it rode much better. All and all, it was a great weekend. I love to perform. My horses were really great about everything.