At the end of February, mom picked up three ponies from Maryland for retirement at Carousel Farm. My mom always said that she would eventually retire her favorite pony hunter to Carousel Farm and she did. Fancy is 35 years old and still a character.

My mom said that she had more personality than anything else she rode as a kid. She has many stories about Fancy’s shenanigans. When she came to the farm, mom coddled her for three days. She than decided to turn Fancy out. Being lead by a leadshank alone (not recommended), Fancy decided it was about time and drug my mom along the barn out to the field. My mom was cracking up that even at 35 years old, she still had spunk.

Her back is swayed and hip bones pronounced, but she is still a character. We are having a blast having her at the farm. We now let her graze anywhere she wants inside or outside the fencing. After a while she will walk herself into the barn into her stall. Her stall is at the middle of the barn, where all the activity is. She knows her stall and seems to approve.

She can’t eat hay anymore, but she can’t chew it, so she gets chopped alfalfa.

When mom went to get Fancy, she also brought home Sassy and Sparkle. This was not a part of the original plan, but Sassy is Fancy’s baby. Sparkle was born within three weeks of Sassy. They have been buddies for the last 22 years. Cynthia, who had them kept Bubba (A horse my mom won in a horsemanship contest in 1981) and Bucky. All the horses had placement homes, but would have had to be separated. My mom and Cynthia just could not separate them, so Bubba and Bucky are in retirement in Maryland and Sassy and Sparkle are in retirement at our farm.

Sassy and Sparkle are 22 years old, but they are really healthy. I told my mom I was sure I could find them a new job!

See you again soon !