On the way home from Canada, we stopped at BNR Stables for a trick riding clinic. BNR has a wonderful kids riding program. She does lots of lessons and camps. She had a whole little building decorated with educational horse stuff. They also had an entire little western town and petting zoo. It was pretty cool!

Tommie taught us some basic trick riding poses ……all done at a stand still. They are normally done at a full gallop. We worked on some different mounts. We also roman rode. The highlight for me was riding Blade standing up in Hippodrone straps on a trick saddle. Tommies horses are the best!

BNR Stables is close to Niagara Falls, so we went to see the falls that night and for sushi. i love sushi.

Thank you to BNR stables for the hospitality. Hope to visit again. Come visit us in the states!

See you again soon!