My mom and I took a trip to the west coast to meet LaSanta.  I was looking for a very big uphill and athletic horse to ride in the big equitation classes.  We learned about LaSanta and thought he might meet our needs.  My mom and I flew to Seattle on frequent flyer tickets and then drove up to Vancouver.  We loved LaSanta and had a great time in Vancouver.  We visited the facilities and torch from the vancouver Olympics and did some site seeing in Vancouver.  On our way home, we spent a day in Seattle checking out the sights.  We spent the day exploring the Seattle Fish market.  There was some great little shops and amazing fresh produce.  We found one shop dedicated to dog lovers….I think we spent 2 hours in there.  We found a really funny little book on all the things you can do with a Jack Russel and some cool Christmas presents for our dog lover friends.  We really liked Seattle and the fish market.  My mom and I had a really nice time in vancouver and Seattle!  We loved both cities.  We had a great time!  Lizzy