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Behind every great horse and rider combination, was at least one investor if not more. Lizzy is always on a mission to find future partners that share the same common values as her.

When it comes to investing in high-performance horses there are multiple options depending on the amount of risk and involvement an investor is looking to take on. One option is to enter into a syndicate agreement where you buy into a percentage ownership of one or a portfolio of horses, and each month you pay that percentage in an operating fee. Another option is to purchase complete ownership of the horse, granting you all the risk and all the reward.

Trust. Transparency. Excellence.

Lizzy works hard to earn and maintain the respect and trust of all her partners through consistent and clear communication, as well as regular discussions to set goals, milestones, and put plans in place for the future.

Lizzy is committed to being up-front, transparent, and brutally honest with her investors. If a degree in finance taught her anything, it is that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. The same applies to the equine asset class. Investing in high-performance horses should not be done with the first goal of making money but with the common value of loving the horses and loving the sport. Whether you are already an investor in the sport today or you are looking into this for the first time, do not hesitate to contact Lizzy to see what investment opportunities she has available. Regardless, an investment with Lizzy will be one you will enjoy.

Customized to your desired risk tolerance and involvement…

Investment Oppurtunites

Full Ownership

Are you interested in being a sole owner of a high-performance horse? Would you enjoy watching your horse in action at major competitions and seeing your name on the big screen? Being a sole owner is a big commitment but offers more opportunity for reward. 


Syndication of high-performance horses a great way for riders to keep that special horse in the stable to take it to the next level while offering their investors, a lower risk and low liability option. The assets are also under the sole management of the rider, alleviating this stress on the investor. Enter in syndicate agreements can offer interesting tax implications. 


Passionate about young horses? Enjoy watching the horses grow up, start to finish? In the sport for the long run? Consider talking to Lizzy about investing early in top jumping sport blood, to be born soon! Lizzy and her family have the skills and the facilities to develop young horses to the best standard.  

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Give Lizzy a call directly at +49.01523.777.3838 or on What’s App at +1.814.883.1880