For the last few decades Carousel Farm has many young horses. In the over twenty five years of breaking horses, my parents had only one young horse that seemed to continually fall through the cracks. The farm delegated his training during several periods of time. He is not a mean horse, but he is very timid and can become quickly defensive. Several young rider/trainers offered to assist in the process only to fail. In addition, his allergies to flies and propensity to get minor injuries have also contributed to the difficulty in getting him into a program. My mom has always had a great relationship with Tony, but my mom has to be careful, because she had major back surgery 5 years ago. Tony is now 6 years old and 17 hands. Knowing that it was now or never to get Tony into a program, my mother asked Tommie if he could get on him and really sack him out, so my mom could proceed with his training. Tommie agreed. He put three sessions in on him. Mom and dad have been riding him ever sense. It is amazing how his personality has blossomed. He comes right up to you and hangs his head in the aisle. He seems to love having a job. My mom has grown to adore him. He follows my mom around like a dog. She has him doing liberty and following her with no halter and lead through our sensory course. My mom mostly supports mine and my dad’s my riding now, but she has claimed Tony as hers. It is so nice to see Tony enjoying having a job and it is nice that my mom is getting so much enjoyment out of working with him.