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At first many don’t notice. Lizzy just rides, even though she was born without her left hand. Lizzy’s journey has been unconventional. Growing up at family-owned Carousel Farm, Lizzy spent inordinate amounts of time training the horses to do things limited only by her imagination. By age 7, she was performing bridle-less jumping routines, liberty, and tricks at national events. By age 11, she was teaching many topics at the biggest expos in the US and Canada and had produced the nationally acclaimed Taiji Horsemanship Training Series.

As one of 43 invited performers at the 2010 World Equestrian Games Lizzy fell in love with show jumping and landed a grant from the USHJA to compete in Wellington, Fl. With an unrelenting work ethic, dependent on borrowed, traded, donated, or homebred horses, Lizzy went on to be a regular in Florida becoming a well-known nationally successful junior rider. She was named 2016 USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year.

Maintaining an aggressive riding schedule, while completing a degree in Finance at Penn State, Lizzy continued to garner national USEF, USHJA, and IHSA, as well as “Penn State Female Athlete of the Year” accolades. In the summer of her junior year, she made her European riding debut in the Czech Republic competing over 20 horses in over 100 starts. As a sophomore at Penn State, she won Penn State’s coveted “Launchbox Summer Founders Entrepreneur Contest” with the creation of EPN Global, a customizable digital platform for horse farm data, marketing, and management.

Quiet and understated in her mannerisms, Lizzy has become memorable and recognizable, as people see her get on mount after mount, developing a quiet balanced bond that results in consistent competitive performances. Often people do not notice that Lizzy does it all without her left hand.

With sights set high, Lizzy is deeply appreciative of the horses in her life and our incredible equestrian community. Lizzy invites you to join her on her uphill journey to becoming an internationally competitive show jumping rider.


Loving the Horses & Just Riding!

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Lizzy specializes in identifying and developing high performance horses.  Whether you want to be an active participant in the sport or just a spectator, an investment with Lizzy will be one you can enjoy!

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Lizzy has taught a wide range of topics at many of the largest horse venues in the world, to standing room only audiences. Lizzy can travel and tailor a custom clinic or keynote to your specific audience. Guaranteed to be fun, productive, and inspiring!

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Looking for your next high-performance horse or just a horse that you can enjoy riding? Lizzy is dedicated to finding each and every horse and owner the best match. Let Lizzy utilize her connections and help find you your next horse.

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