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HITS National & International Equestrian Show Series
Ocala, Florida
January 1- April 1, 2016


INSPIRE, EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and COMPETE…. is what Lizzy likes to do with her horses. Born with only one hand, Lizzy embraces life with a compassion, determination and dignity that is beyond her years. She has wonderful results with her horses based on her love of her horses, effort to understand them and consistent and basic training approach. Born and raised on a sport horse breeding and training farm, she has always placed a priority on learning ….seeking out every and any learning opportunity made available. Lizzy is a nationally competitive rider in the hunters, jumpers and dressage and has performed bridleless jumping, hippodrome and roman riding routines at some of the biggest national and international equestrian events often times on young homebreds. She has been a national clinician at many of these venues as well with an extensive list of topics taught. Lizzy considers having horses in her life to be an incredible privilege and gift. Lizzy likes implementing and being a part of activities that can help to insure a quality of life for these amazing animals and contribute to the dedicated community and people around them. Lizzy has been blessed to being “Living her Dream”. With “Taiji Horsemanship”, she hope to help young equestrians have a great experience with their horses. With “The Taiji Project” she hopes to help all young people have the courage to live their dream regardless of the challenges they may face!  When the history books get written..Lizzy wants to be remembered as a “Great Horseman” and a “Great person who was able to make a difference in the lives of other young people!”. She is determined to one day ride to Olympic Gold in Show Jumping.

What I Know for Sure…..

The first was taught to me by my pony “Toby”…..
“When we help others to realize their potential, we come to realize our own potential!”

The other I have learned from the amazing journey I have been on ….
“No Matter how unlikely or impossible something may seem… young person should ever be discouraged from pursuing their dream, because it is NOT about reaching the destination, it is about everything they will learn and experience on a journey unlike any other when it is fueled by a dream!”
Lizzy Traband

Lizzy was born and raised on Carousel Farm, her family’s farm in Centre Hall, PA.  On over 105 acres, Lizzy has always considered the farm to be the most amazing playground in the world and more importantly a place for both her horses and her horses to call “home”.

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  • US National Junior Hunter Finals
  • USHJA Children’s Jumper Championship
  • Winter Equestrian Festival
  • Global Dressage Festival
  • HITS Ocala
  • USEF Para Dressage National Championship & World Equestrian Games Qualifier
  • Dressage at Saratoga
  • USHJA Emerging Athletes Regionals
  • Capital Challenge
  • Upperville
  • Vermont Summer Series
  • Louden
  • Warrenton
  • Bluerock
  • Quentin
  • Brandywine Summer Series


  • United States Hunter Jumper Association – 2015 Junior Sportsman (Nomination for USEF Jr. Sportsman)
  • USEF – 2015 Reserve Junior Sportsman
  • USHJA Emerging Athletes Program National Finalist – 2012 & 2013
  • Inspiration for and first receipient of USHJA “Living the Dream” grant
  • USHJA Emerging Athletes Nationals – 2015 – Stable Manager Grant & Sportsmanship award – voted on by attendants
  • Zone 2 George Morris Clinic Grant Receipient
  • Brandywine Valley Summers Series Horsemanship Award
  • Warrenton Horse Show Sportsmanship Award


  • World Equestrian Games
  • Tommie Turvey’s Night of Amazing Horses
  • Devon
  • Breyerfest
  • Equine Affaire
  • CanAm Equine Emporium
  • Midwest Horse Fair
  • Sussex County Fair & Horse Show
  • Illinois Horse Expo
  • Pennsylvania Horse World Expoo
  • Maryland Horse World Expo
  • New York Horse Expo
  • North Carolina Horse Expo
  • Brandywine Summer Series
  • PATH Convention
  • Penn State
  • Numerous Private & Regional Functions

For Lizzy Traband…
Less is More!

Read all about it!

My Olympic Quest

Since the time I was little…even when I found myself jumping more jumps then my pony tumbling onto the other side, while he stood quietly on the front side looking at me, I would see myself one day on that Olympic podium with a gold medal around my neck. I believe in this dream and no matter what……. plan to embrace the journey!

PATH International

2012 East Coast Conference Evening Banquet Keynote Speaker

No Matter how unlikely or impossible something may seem… young person should ever be discouraged from pursuing their dream, because it is NOT about reaching the destination, it is about everything they will learn and experience on a journey unlike any other when it is fueled by a dream!

Lizzy Traband

Thank You!!!!

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people. I have met some of the countries best riders, trainers, competitors and entertainers. I have met the heads of major companies from around the world. They all have one thing in common, they are passionate about what they are doing and their success wasn’t by chance. They work hard to do what they do well. They had people who taught them what they know and helped them along the way. The very best are always willing to take what they have learned and share it with others with good intentions. Thank you to the many people, who have reached out to help me!

Taiji Horsemanship

Taiji – Obtaining your supreme ultimate as a result of perfect balance and harmony!

Founded March 28, 2009.
The IN Sync Series (Five Modules- shown below) was released November 9, 2011

After two years of intensive planning, video taping and editing the Taiji Horsemanship In Sync Training Series was released. It is truly “THE Tools and Exercises” that I use to start and maintain all my horses! It takes the skills and experiences from the many worlds that I am a part of….perfomance, liberty and trick training, hunter & jumper training and upper level dressage training ….making it a very unique and effective program. Started when I was only 11 and completed at age 13, I can assure it is a training progression, that is super easy to follow. Using the In Sync tools…I competed my young horse purchased as an unbroke two year old (who is now 6 years old) to top ribbons at this years National Junior Hunter Finals, had one of the highest national FEI junior rider dressage tests in (2014), won a Junior Jumper class at the USHJA Zone 2 Jumper Championship(2015) and have performed and taught bridleless riding at many of the biggest equine events nationally and internationally.As a national competitor, this is what I am still using today to train high hunters, jumpers, dressage, bridleless, trick and liberty horses.

The Taiji In Sync Series

The basic tools that are at the heart of ALL my training!

No matter how hard the task at hand I am always revisiting the basics to retain a strong foundation of training!

Wish your horse always stood quietly watching you ready to do what ever you might ask?

Learn More!

Would like to know every time you mount your horse young or old…you have control?

Learn More!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your horse could be confident no matter what?

Learn More!

There is hands, legs and seat…..but above all else, the most important tool and aid is balance!

Learn More!

Only 4 simple exercises to break horses, teach youngsters & keep seasoned horses prepped?

Learn More!

Created For:

  • Equestrian Youth Groups
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Pony Clubs
  • Riders of all ages!
  • Young OR Seasoned Horses
Since July 2014
New Participants from ALL over the world!


  • For your convenience each module is broken down into 3-5 minute clips!
  • Download the Related Brochure
  • Take a little online quiz at the end!
  • Get a certificate for each module passed!

The Taiji Project

No Matter how unlikely or impossible something may seem… young person should ever be discouraged from pursuing their dream, because it is NOT about reaching the destination, it is about everything they will learn and experience on a journey unlike any other when it is fueled by a dream!

Lizzy Traband

     In 2011…..I submitted an application to give a TED talk proposing…”The Taiji Project”. My talk was not selected for a presentation that year, but after I have achieved Olympic fame and have resources available from the success of EPN Global, I plan to revisit and launch “The Taiji Project”. It is my goal to reach out to youngsters world wide through various programs to help them to find the courage to pursue their dreams and be who they are meant to be even when it is against all odds.

Based on my own unconventional journey, I envision a complete paradigm shift in public education with the focus being on each young person’s unique qualities, quirks, differences and passions being greater than the focus on testing. I envision more resources for exploration of personal interest through counseling and community mentoring programs in elementary education (1-8) complimented by secondary (9-12) educational experiences enriched with more life experiences (internships, volunteer jobs, travel, working student opportunities, opportunities to be part of a professional project being a volunteer providing a helping hand in exchange for the opportunity to learn).  

     Some students, who are perceived as different can really struggle to find confidence, acceptance, and comfort in a public school environment. Furthermore, testing has a way of creating an unspoken standard for acceptance in public schools. Youngsters seen as “different” could thrive if they were able to become a part of a community of people that share their passion and interest. Even having an opportunity to work with a single mentor or person, who can help them develop that interest could change their life.

   In my elementary school years, being born with one hand was difficult.  I can remember a gym teacher sending me to the side with a ball, as he proceeded to teach jump roping assuming that with one hand I would not be able to do, which ironically I could do well .  Being born with one hand, I seen as different and struggled to be accepted.  At a very early age, I was embraced by the equestrian community.  From the age of 8, I have been a part of the equestrian community in various professional capacities….performing, teaching, training, riding and assisting with the running of equestrian businesses.  It was here that I built many amazing relationships.  Not only did the equestrian community provide me a place where I felt accepted and respected, it also provided with the most amazing of learning opportunities.  As a result of my equestrian activities, I learned not only to ride, but to teach, to perform, to present to large audiences.  I learned how to shoot, edit and produce video for commercial delivery.  I learned how to run a business, run an equestrian operation and what goes into the production of a commercial evening theatrical equestrian production.  I learned how to build websites.  I learned many little things like the value and importance of thank you notes.   I could go on and on.  The important message is there is incredible value in kids to finding a professional community in their area of interest, where they can contribute, learn and be valued.

     The “Taiji Project” is all about providing resources and opportunities for helping every young person to enjoy, value and be respected for what makes them unique.   I envision “The Taiji Project” working in conjunction with public education becoming a facilitating organization  for international mentoring programs providing young people opportunities to interact with people working in professional capacities in their areas of interest. The elementary and high school years is a time when you CAN explore various professional opportunities and activities.  The great thing about the grade school (1-12) years is that it is one time in your life where you don’t have significant responsibilities or liabilities.

    I hope to not only see “The Taiji Project” integrated into public education programs, but also to host worldwide internet broadcasted meet and greets with high-profile individuals that have had challenging and unconventional journeys to success.   I hope to see “The Taiji Project” also become a foundation that is able to provide scholarships, camps and youth life coaching all with the purpose of supporting these activities.

     The goal “The Taiji Project” is for every kid be provided the resources and opportunities to explore their unique interests and for every young person to learn to value what makes them different, as well as makes others different.  The ultimate mission is for every young person to find their niche, where they are valued, respected, can contribute and be productive in professional activities centered around their unique qualities and interests.



EPN is my latest project. I founded EPN three years ago after watching my mentor, Elizabeth Solter struggle with with billing, business marketing and networking for the purpose of purchasing and selling horses. EPN is a company with the goal of providing tools using the latest technology to make management, marketing, networking, media and public relations as easy as possible for equestrian professions. We are developing a network of 54 websites, that with a single entry can provide horse sales data to a wide audience across many demographics. We are also developing an equestrian business management cloud based database application for the management of equestrian business. After development, implementation of these tools EPN will also offer Equestrian Media Management and Public Relations. My goal is for EPN to become the biggest equestrian marketing, management and media company in the world. If you are interested in a preview of our products in beta testing, please email me at Exciting things are in the works! Lizzy

I want to see every horse, rider, professional and all members of our equestrian community on an amazing journey! Taiji Horsemanship and EPN are two of my projects that I am very excited about!
Lizzy Traband


Her skills are well beyond her years. She learns by listening. She learns by watching. She odesn’t have to ask a whole lot of questions. If you just kind of sit back and watch, there is a way to do it. She figures it out. There’s really nothing she can’t do!
Tommie TurveyEquine ExtremistProducer of "Tommie Turveys Night of Amazing Horses!"

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