“To ride a horse is to fly without wings…”


Horses have taken me on an incredible journey, that I could not have dreamed of. I am committed to constantly serving my equestrian community through inspiring and educating with the goal that everyone can be on their best possible journey with their horses. While I am currently working, training, and competing for Paul Schockemöhle out of Germany, at some point in the future I will be returning back to the United States.  I look forward to returning home and expanding the services I can offer. Regardless, at the moment, I am grateful to be able to extend a select group of services to my equestrian community.  – Lizzy

Horses lend us the wings we lack…

Inspirational Speaker

Lizzy has delivered keynote speeches at major conferences, for university groups, youth organizations, at federation events, and even to state legislature. All of her speeches are targeted to the audience and the task at hand. Her passion, energy, and dedication is contagious in any environment.

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A great horse can change your life…

Horse Sales

Lizzy is currently riding and competing for Paul Schockemöhle out of Mühlen, Germany. Not only does Schockemöhle have an exceptional group of horses to offer, Lizzy is also readily able to get around Europe to look at other horses. Currently, Lizzy is only working with a select group of buyers, but if you are serious and looking for someone with the dedication and persistence that you need to find your next horse, do not hesitate to contact Lizzy.

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Our greatest teachers are our horses…

Clinics and Training

The key to success with horses is to have a strong foundation from which you can build all of your skills. Lizzy is constantly breaking down exercises and skillsets, then combining these skills for more advanced exercises.  Growing up with one hand, balance has always been of the utmost importance to Lizzy in all of her training. Balance is one of the most valuable skills in riding that is often overlooked.

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Invest with Lizzy, Invest in the future…

Investment Oppurtunities

Lizzy is always looking for long term partners that share her common values and goals. Every partnership is different and structured around deliberate goals and milestones. Lizzy is committed to being up-front, transparent, and brutally honest with her investors. Investing in high-performance horses should not be done with the first goal of making money but with the common value of loving the horses and loving the sport. 

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