“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much” – HK

Community Outreach

Striving for perfect balance and harmony …

Taiji Horsemanship

Founded in 2009 by 11-year-old Lizzy, with the goal of providing a free quality start to finish education allowing every horse and rider to be on their best possible journey. The training series remains available today, it is currently being used by users in over — countries. Taiji Horsemanship was named the #1 virtual training series by Horse Nation presented by SmartPak in 2016. The foundation and principles from Taiji Horsemanship are still avidly used by Lizzy today.

Our best teachers are our horses…

National Clinician

By age 11, Lizzy was teaching many topics at the biggest expos in the US and Canada and had produced the nationally acclaimed Taiji Horsemanship Training Series. Lizzy has taught clinics on a wide variety of topics including trick riding, flatwork, jumping, bridle-less riding, and starting young horses. Lizzy’s passion and energy are contagious for any audience.

Inspire, educate, and entertain…

National Perfomer

At a young age, Lizzy discovered Tommie Turvey. From the age of 7 Lizzy was traveling, performing stunts and bareback bridleless jumping with Tommie Turvey’s Night of Amazing Horses. They performed all across North America inspiring those around them and showing the world all of the cool things you can do with horses.

We are .. Penn State!

PSU Equestrian Captain

Lizzy lead the Penn State Equestrian team as vice-president her Sophomore year, and President her Junior Year. The Team of over 70 men and women successfully secured their position in the top 16 out of over 400 teams across the country, earning them a position at Nationals three years in a row. Lizzy is eternally grateful to have gotten to lead such an incredible team of riders.

Because no hour in the saddle is wasted …

EPN Global

EPN Global provides marketing, media, and management solutions to equestrian professionals. While not publicly available, EPN provides an intuitive virtual platform and application for equestrian professionals with the goal to allow professionals more time in the saddle. EPN’s applications, including the GoHorse app, is utilized by a selected group of professionals today.

Surround yourself with good people…


Lizzy has mentored a selected group of young working students through her family’s farm in Pennsylvania. Lizzy strives to be a mentor for the students in all aspects of their development, including life outside the saddle. Pictured is Hannah Martin, who started with Lizzy at age 13 with very little riding experience and is now studying Biology as a premed major at Penn State and is the main assistant rider at Carousel Fam today.

Education outside the classroom…

Intern Mentor

Lizzy has mentored numerous university students doing credited internships with Taiji Horsemanship or Carousel Farm. Mentoring collegiate interns requires teaching the ins and outs of the business at hand and organizing their time spent on different projects over the three months they spend with us.

Horses provide us the most amazing gift…

USHJA Youth Committee Member

As an ambassador on the USHJA Youth Committee, we aimed to connect all sectors of the equestrian community to the opportunities available within the USHJA Foundation. We spoke at 4-H and Pony Club meetings and organized fundraisers at AA horse shows on behalf of the USHJA Foundation. Unfortunately, the USHJA Youth Committee was dissolved with the reorganization of the USHJA Foundation.