Breyerfest was amazing. It was super busy, but really cool. Rosie did a great job with her bridleless jumping routine……and I rode Toby bareback & bridleless in his little routine at Breyer. He did a great job. Tommie and I closed the event with me riding on his shoulders on blade. We performed twice each day. I signed autographs, did a whole bunch of interviews and attended scheduled activities. I met all of the saddle club girls. They were all really fun. My best friend gabby went to Kentucky with us. We took our bikes to bike all over the horse park. One day we rode the ponies on the Rolex course. At night Gabby and swam with lots of other kids attending Breyerfest and staying at the hotel.

The hospitality by everyone at Breyer was impeccable. Our suite was amazing. All the amenities, including breakfast made to order, horsdeorves every night and the special dinner Breyer hosted for everyone performing was awesome. Having Toby made into a Breyer horse was so amazing. I still can’t believe that he is a Breyer model. It was really fun walking around the hotel seeing Toby in so many of the judged window displays. Thank you again to everyone at Breyer for putting on such a great event.


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