Thanks to me and all my riding, mom and dad decided to put the old Imperatore horse van back on the raod. We have a really nice four star five horse head to head, but we needed more transportation for my horses and client horses to go to the shows. My parents also thought we should have a back-up vehicle for hauling horses in case of an emergency. The imperatore horse van was a 1967 on the original chassis. The old truck still ran, but my dad didn’t think it was safe, so before Christmas we bought a used International deisel truck. Frank DiBella moved the old horse box to our new truck and did some other renovations to the van. We just picked the van up. It is really cool. The new truck is awesome! It has AC and a radio! My dad and I are going to sand and reurethane the inside to fix it up even more. It is really cool! I can wait to use it.

See you again soon!