I am very happy to announce a partnership between Arc De Triumph and Taiji horsemanship.  I think one of the most important things in riding is balance. If you aren’t balanced, it will affect how your horse goes.  You may be having challenges that could be eliminated simply by the rider becoming balanced.  Having a good saddle is very important in being balanced.  In addition, a horses back can readily become sore.  A good fitting saddle goes a long ways towards ensuring that your horse stays sound through their back.  Unfortunately, the better saddle are typically $4800+.  I was so thrilled to find the Arc De Triumph saddles.  They start at $1800.  They are very well crafted, designed by a top french saddler and are made of high qualitl french leather.  In addition, they have a complete custom line starting at $2400.  Arc De Triumph has always been known for their high quality bridles, but now they offer a very high quality saddle at an awesome price.  Many of my clients are kids.  It is nice to be able to purchase a high quality saddle at an affordable price.  I am very excited about working with Arc De Triumph to provide high quality saddle at a great price….and their bridles will always be second to none!  Lizzy