For years, my family has used Cosequin.  Cosequin is now an offical sponsor of my top exhibition and performance horses. I do everything I can to help to keep my horses “sound, healthy, happy and fit”.  Jumping is tough on horses, particularly their joints.  I love “Cosequin” , because it gives the joints a “little help” in staying healthy without being degenerative or invasive, like joint injections.  I use every therapy “I can” afford in a preventative effort to help to keep my horses from ever developing “joint issues”  My horse get worked on hills as well in my effort to keep them fit and healthy.  An investment in “preventative joint management” is worth every penny.  Every horse, that is in a demanding training program stands to benefit and have increased soundness and longevity with the addition of Cosequin to their diet!  Thank you Cosequin for a great product and for your support!  Lizzy