I was so pleased at my young horses first major competition.  “Hercules” and “Huh” were both awesome…..and “Metric”  who I rode for a client was also really good.  All three horses jogged every class.  I was given a special award for being the “best turned out”  This made me feel really good, because I do all of my own training, prepping, bathing and care.  I can’t wait to show them in a few weeks at the National competiton in Kentucky.  I love the regional IHF competiotn, because it is a part of the Warrenton Horse Show.  I love the Warrenton horse show.  They only run one ring and it attracts some amazing “old school horseman”.  I love to watch Betty Oare, Jason Berry, Patty Buchenhorst and Olin Armstrong ride.  It is such a priveleldge to be in the company of these great horseman.  I must say every year I very much look forward to this show!  Lizzy