My dad went to Canada with us. In fact to get there, he had to take a taxi, to a plane, to a train, to a shuttle on Friday, but he made it in time for the nighttime show. He really wanted to see me ride!

After spending the weekend grooming, he decided riding would be more fun. We were like OK…and just what are you proposing to be in Tommie’s show. There is a group out of Kentucky that does a beer toast ride on Icelandic ponies. My dad thought he could do this or perhaps a comedy routine like Tommies on one of our ponies. We tried to explain that Tommies routine is cleverly trained and rehearsed.

Well anyway …….Tommie…….here is my dad’s audition clip for your show. Mom told him not to give up his day job. To all watching…….enjoy! He has the “Style” part down!

See you again soon!