We took ten horses to Summer Breeze. My dad showed four. I rode six and showed five. Rosie was champion in the equitation and reserve champion in her hunter division. We won the equitation over fences and were first and second in the hunter over fences classes. Silver was champion in the pony hunters. Seabreeze was reserve champion. Missy was reserve champion in the baby greens. I took Jazz, but I did not show her, because we didn’t get time to get her schooled. She was pretty fresh.

At the end of the day I showed CICI (Seabreeze). CiCi is always pretty snarky. She does not like to work. She will buck, rear and carry on until she realizes it is too much work and easier to just do her job. She rode an amazing course great jumps, good rhythm and lead changes. The course in the above video was actually featured on a Chronicle of the Horse blog, as an example of a nice hunter pony. Unfortunately at the end of the course I was tired and spurred a bit hard when she wasn’t coming around the corner as readily as I thought she should…..she bucked me off. It was kind of deserved. My mom says that most of the time horses try their hearts out for us. They are usually bad because we aren’t clear about what we want. We punish them for our mistakes. I know she is right ….It is important to always asked yourself, when your horses isn’t doing what you want if it is their fault or yours