When we were in Sterling, we did a lot of trail riding. My dad and I headed out one day and found two stray cats. They were really sweet, so we took them back to the farm with us. The next day we were showing my mom where we found them. One jumped from the tree onto her shoulder. She couldn’t ride with the cat, so my dad and I went back later that night. We found five more kitties. They were all really sweet. We brought them all home to State College. I was supposed to get them home after they were vetted. But instead I play with them every night. They love people….love to be held….and love to play. My mom finally agreed to allow them to be permanent residents at Carousel Farm. Since we found them all on the weekend while performing in Sterling, Illinois, we named them Saturday, Sunday, Sterling, Silver, Showtime, Seiko and Sneaky. They are the coolest cats I have ever met.