I wish summer wasn’t about to end, but it was an amazing summer. It was a summer of ups and downs. But one of the biggest things I learned this summer is that failure is a requirement for success. Tommie and I did an interview for Associated Press at Breyerfest. I did not realize it, but one of the reasons he was willing to train me was because when he asked how many times I had fallen off….I responded too many to count.
I think you learn the most when things don’t go the way you hoped. Every time you do something new, there is a chance it won’t go well or will need tweaked or you will have to practice it more.

I had a great summer, because I really challenged myself as a rider. Yes, I had setbacks. I missed my mount on Puddles in the July 4th show and fell to the ground (the crowd thought that was what was intended, but it wasn’t) I took many falls, had an occasional refusal trying to learn horse striding over 3 foot jumps and the list goes on, but the successes more than made up for the setbacks.

However, I am really proud that I challenged myself all spring and summer. I learned a lot. It is hard to believe that I jumped Rosie for the first time less than a year ago. Now I jump her over full courses bridleless. I made the ride off in my first regional equitation final. My young ponies that I broke and am training are doing really well. I put together two new acts. I taught my ponies a bunch of new tricks. I started riding and jumping more of our horses. I jumped bigger jumps and am riding and training animals that are young.

There are so many things I want to do with my horse……But I know you have to willing to try and you might fail the first time, but the important thing is to DREAM BIG…..And keep trying. You just have to take the setbacks in stride and keep moving forward to the next hurdle. It’s been an amazing ride!