Tony is a big horse that had a rough start. He is a very timid horse that can get aggressive, when he is nervous. We sent him to a friend who really needed work to stay in business. He came back completed broken, physically and mentally. We feel strongly that he was beaten badly. He came home with a fractured back coffin bone from kicking at the trainer we sent him too missing the trainer but instead kicking a block wall. It took a while for them to level with us as to what had happened. My mom was devastated. When he came home he would scamper to the corner of his stall in complete fear. This was the first time she trusted someone else to help start one of our young horses. She said she will NEVER do it again! He had an entire year off. After the coffin bone fused, I decided to play with him a bit. He has become an amazing liberty horse. You can see by the video the Tony is very happy to be back with us. It was really tough on my mom. She felt like she had failed him! Lizzy