While dad was in construction mode and had an amish crew to help, we talked him into enclosing a portion of the equipment shed attached to the indoor to make an office and warehouse.  My mom can now work on her computer AND watch me ride.  How cool is that!  And all of the stuff for Taiji Horsemanship….our props, taiji t-shirts, and taiji shop products now have a home other than our garage.  It is awesome.  It is has made packing and unpacking for expos a whole lot easier!  I even have a desk to file all of paperwork associated with Taiji Horsemanship!   I laid the laminate wood floor and painted.  The laminate flooring snaps together like a big puzzle and I learned how to use a mitre saw. My dad created a little enclosed room for his tools and he also built a sawdust storage area.  Our little building projects were really fun.  I think we are going to really enjoy these new spaces!  Lizzy