Having good quality equipment, that is well designed for the job at at hand is invaluable when training horse.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find certain equipment and often time it is cost prohibitive to purchase really high quality equipment.  Having good equipment is a great asset, when training.  I think one of the most important things in riding is balance. If you aren’t balanced, it will affect how your horse goes.  You may be having challenges that could be eliminated simply by the rider becoming balanced.  Having a good saddle is very important in being balanced.  In addition, a horses back can readily become sore.  A good fitting saddle goes a long ways towards ensuring that your horse stays sound through their back.  When training a horse to lay down a single fleece hobble with a long cotten shank with a quick release is a wonderful tool to have in assuring that you and your horse are safe.  Unfortunely, I had to made this apparatus.  The goal with Taiji Shop is to provide a source for all the great equipment and tools that we use.  Our goal is to provide you a place where you can find some of the more unusual items we use when we train, as well as some very high quality items that we use at an affordable price…like our Arc De Triumph saddles and Le Mundial custom boots.  All of the products in Taiji Shop are things that we use and love and think you will, too!

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