In April of this year I was offered “Valido” He was pretty grumpy when he arrived. He had been showing the jumpers at the Thermal circuit prior to his arrival. When he first arrived, when you would point him at a jump you could be sure he would jump, but not sure where he might leave the ground. He was really strong too ride, sore through his back, had scratches and was off in his front right suspensory and ready to attack when you walked in his stall. We walked up and down hills and lived in ice wraps for several months. He gained a little weight, started to get sounder and now gives me kisses on my cheek. I have grown very fond of him. I think he is a really special horse. We don’t jump him much at home in an effort to keep him sound, but when I do jump him….he is so cool! He loves to jump and he seems to be loving life with me at Carousel Farm Lizzy