It was really tough, but I sold “Mattee” to a client of Elizabeth Solters.  Mattee is Rosies full brother.  I trained “Mattee” to ride and jump bridleless.  He is a really good jumper (classical hunter style).  My mom showed him in IHF as a three year old and Elizabeth rode him in the IHF when he was 4.  He is going to make an amazing hunter.  I was really difficult selling him, but I really want to eventually move into the jumpers.  I want to keep progressing as a rider.  Selling “Matte” made it possible for me to purchase LaSanta and do some little construction projects at the farm.  LaSanta is the first horse that isn’t really young that I will have to ride.  I will miss him Mattee terribly, but he is Elizabeth’s ride.  My mom and I don’t have the resources to campaign him as a top hunter.  His new owner is another young person who really loves her hoprses like me.  He couldn’t have a better rider and owner and I know his care will be amazing.  I was not looking to sell him, but this was a perfect situation for him!  It would be awesome to see him win at a major rated competition.  Elizabeth will give him a great ride.  I love u Matte and will really miss you!  You will always have a place to retire at Carousel Farm!  Lizzy