DOVER Hunter Classic Finals

Thank you Rosie for being a good girl at the 2010 Dover hunter classic.  The little trunk you won will really come in handy.  And to are such an awesome "chestnut mare"  You are just the best!  Champion and [...]

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Training with Linda Zang

I got to do the coolest thing this weekend. I took two horses to Maryland and took 4 lessons with Linda Zang. Linda Zang is amazing. She is an international dressage judge for the US. She is very friendly and [...]

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4-H State Finals

Rosie and I showed at the 4-H state finals this weekend. She was awesome. She won the working hunter class. She was such a good girl! I love her so much! I am so glad she came back home to [...]

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Goose Day Classic

I took Rosie and a few of our youngsters to a very nice local weekend show. Rosie won their big classic and the babies (Jazz & Missy) each brought home a championship. The show was really nice. Classes were affordable. [...]

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4-H Round-up

I had a tough decision to make for round-up…..should I ride the easier classes and increase my odds of qualifying for state in more classes or do I challenge myself. Well I am an Equine Extremist……I decided to go for [...]

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Jodons Horse Show

Our farm went to Jodons Horse Show. The farm had a great show. My dad was champion on two of his mounts and reserve champion on his third mount. Two farm clients, Jillian Woolridge and Danielle Rush, competed that day [...]

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CPHC High Point rider

We only showed four CPHC shows this year, but Rosie was so amazing at every show that we won several year end award including the circuit high point rider. Rosie is so amazing! She is taking such good care of [...]

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2008 4-H State finals

I had an amazing time riding Rosie had states. How would have ever thought that when Skittles came up with an abcess, and I decided to ride Rosie, that we we win at the county round-up, go on to win [...]

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